I just picked up a Manera Magma 4/3 wetsuit and am extremely impressed with it. I've been riding a patagonia R5 in the ocean and this will certainly replace it for all conditions. People who ride the Oregon coast know how cold the water is and this suit kept me toasty warm even in a 3 hour surf session in 50F water. My feet went completely numb but body was very warm and didn't have to stop a session because I was cold.

This is the first suit I've used that is designed for kiting. It's very easy to move your arms and chest with it, something that it a problem with my Hurley and Patagonia suit. The straps on the ankle cuffs completely prevent any water from shooting up the legs and making elephant legs. Definitely wont have to poke holes in the ankles on this suit like I have on my other suits. Also the back section has a rubber surface to keep the harness from riding up.

I though the fleece layer was a gimmic until I tried it on. It made it very easy to get into and was noticebly warmer and more comfortable.

I also had zero flushing even when getting tumbled in the waves. I used to cringe every time I fell off the board in my other suits waiting for the inevitable flush of cold water, but didn't experience a single one with this suit. This has made cost riding much more enjoyable.

I weigh 160 and am 5'11 and went with a Medium Long. It fits perfect and I think would be fine for anyone +- 15 lbs.